The Face Behind Rascal Media

Jesus. Computers. Dogs. Luke.

Basically my life in a nutshell, in that order.


As the saying goes, I was born in the pew. I grew being mentored by the church, but grew the most when I challenged the leaders who guided me. After asking questions and receiving unsatisfying answers, I chose to find my own path to Jesus through education. Four years after high school, I graduated from Northwest University with a secondary degree in Biblical Studies (the primary degree being Media Communication), and even though I don’t have all the answers, I now know where to look.


My husband Luke and I at Northwest University’s Spring 2015 graduation.


I am a 90’s kid, which means my lullaby was dial-up and my duty was to my neopets. Computer games were something I played on a daily basis, my regulars: The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth (1996) and ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra (1998).

The real magic began when I was in the 6th grade, and I joined my middle school’s yearbook staff. Two years later, I was given the Design Editor position. Upon my freshman year of high school, I joined the yearbook staff as the only 9th grader. Being a cynical tween, I secretly adjusted the layouts the senior editors made so that pictures would align correctly, as well as other adjustments needed to made that the seniors were too naive to notice.

My inner cynical tween likes to make an appearance every once in a while.

2015-12-16 13.33.292015-12-16 13.31.24Long story short, I was part of yearbook staffs for a total of 9 years, holding three editor positions. At the end of my term as Editor in Chief my senior year, I felt such pride in my staff that I almost broke out in tears during my farewell speech.

Did I take yearbook seriously? In the words of one of my fellow editors,

“Anna, you need Xanax. It even has the name ‘ANA’ in it. I know it’s for you!”


If you’ve taken a look at my About page, you probably saw my adorable Bearded Collie mix, Dixie. I grew up with dogs, and love dogs of every flavor, but my family has always had a preference towards herding dogs.

My first puppy love was Molly, a Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix. After 14 years of amazing life, she passed away October of 2015. Sometimes I still cry when I think about her.


Molly had such a loving personality and was excellently trained, so I considered registering us a therapy dog team so we could visit nursing homes and hospitals and bring joy to people in pain. However, with me away at school it wasn’t a real possibility.

Now that she’s gone, Dixie has replaced her with ten times the love and affection I have ever seen in a dog! I’m hoping with the proper training, we can become a therapy dog team by the time she turns 3 years old (currently 1.5).

2015-09-18 17.07.04

Her reward for being a good dog on our road trip, get it?


Luke Hicks: life partner since May 24th, 2014. We met while both working as sound technicians in our school’s chapel (me as a volunteer at first, him a student worker). I will admit, I was wary at first (his dedication for school spirit by shaving his head, dressing up as a velociraptor in a corset for a dorm event, etc.) but what ultimately won me over was every-single thing about him.

Why do I have to pick one thing? I love everything about him.

Tatistcheff Hicks-6051

Did I mention that I married a zombie?

He is currently enrolled in the University of Washington’s Master of Aerospace Engineering program, and has the life-long dream of creating wings that can be used by humans. Not even kidding.

Luke and I on a hike along Rialto Beach in La Push, WA. Who knew Forks, WA could be a great weekend getaway?

Luke and I on a hike along Rialto Beach in La Push, WA. Who knew Forks, WA could be a great weekend getaway?

Together we like going on adventures, playing video games, watching Marvel movies, and being crazy nerds that geek out over way too much sci-fi. Our favorite: Firefly.

And with that, I leave you with this: