2015 Christmas Gift Catalogue

My family has always been a group of gift-giving fanatics attempting to give the best possible gifts to their intended recipient. This year was no different, and Luke and I were able to give some wickedly awesome gifts to our families.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the 2015 Christmas Hicks/Tatistcheff gift catalogue!

1. Most Wacky: Surfs Up Jesus T-Shirt from Goodie Tees ($23.95)
Recipient: The Oldest Brother

Luke’s oldest brother Levi is an awesome oddity that lives in the weird world of Portland. While he plays guitar on stage for worship at his church, we thought that him wearing a t-shirt with Jesus surfing a wicked wave would be considered normal. I mean, it’s Portland!

2. Most Unique: Vintage Queen Elizabeth Coronation Cookie Tin ($Priceless!)
Recipient: The Mother-in-Law

This was the ultimate find! Luke’s mother collects vintage tins and loves to watch Downton Abbey, so this 1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation Cookie Tin was perfect. The best part was that it was in near perfect condition and still had the paper lining that shows which cookies were inside, a rarity when you look on Ebay.

3. Best DIY Gift: Bike Handlebar Coat Rack (~$40)
Recipient: The Father-in-Law

bicycle handlebar

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how we made it! Luke’s dad loves road and mountain biking, so we made him this coat rack from a vintage bike handlebar. He is also notoriously known for breaking bones; this year alone he broke his hip, hand, shoulder blade, and scratched his retina, all from biking.

4. Close-to-Home Gift: I Totes Love Boise Tote Bag from Wear Boise ($12.99)
Recipient: The Best Friend Back Home

As a proud Boise, Idaho ex-resident, I feel no shame in correcting people in their pronunciation of Boise. It’s Boy-see. Deal with it. 🙂

My bestest bud still lives in Boise, so I bought her this tote from a small company in Boise. I saw someone with it at the Farmer’s Market, and knew that Lauren totes needed it.

5. For the Leslie Lover: Pawnee Goddesses T-Shirt from Baby Swag Apparel ($18.00)
Recipient: The Sister

Not only was the screen print on this shirt great quality, but the owners of the shop were super helpful. Instead of getting the shirt in white, they printed it on a purple shirt to match the show. My sister was elated!

6. For the Game Enthusiast: Coup Rebellion G54 purchased from Mox Boarding House (also available from Amazon)
Recipient: The Newlyweds (and good friends of ours)

The real reason we bought them this game? Luke spilled water all over the older version they have. But they don’t need to know that 🙂

7. For the Tea Lover: Satin Macaroon Tin from Teavana ($8.95)
Recipient: The On-the-Go Friend

This macaroon is perfect for a friend who is working two separate jobs, loves baking macaroons, and likes tea. Plus, her favorite color is mint.

8. For the Whovian: Doctor Who Tardis Clock from Unicorn Empire Prints ($46)
Recipient: The Aunt from Afar

Isn’t the detail on this amazing? This Poulsbo, WA shop has a variety of geeky items, including clothing and other household items. My sister and I look for interesting Doctor Who items every year for our aunt, and I think we have really outdone ourselves this year.

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