Bike Handlebar Coat Rack


What you’ll need:

First, clean up your bike handlebar of any residue it may have from previous bike tape and grime.

Second, wrap the bars with the handlebar tape. Since we were going for a pretty-not-practical look (knowing it wouldn’t be getting a lot of wear-and-tear) durability of product wasn’t a huge part in our buying decisions.

2015-11-07 15.31.39

If you’re not an avid bicyclist, then wrapping the bar may prove difficult. I found this video helpful. An important factor to remember is to leave a bit of extra tape outside of the outer rim of the opening, we’ll need that later.

We tied it down with yarn, so we could seal the ends with electrical tape three times over. Now the handlebar tape won’t budge.

2015-11-07 21.22.50

2015-11-14 16.56.20

Third, insert the handlebar plugs into the ends of the handlebar pipe. Gently fold over the extra handlebar tape and allow the plug to ‘plug’ it into the opening of the bar. Press it firmly to make sure it won’t come out again. If you like, before pressing in the plug, you can line the inside of the opening with glue to make sure it doesn’t come out.

2015-12-25 16.03.31

Fourth, it’s time to prep the plaque. Sand down any edges that may not take to stain, then take out your brush and stain away! Laying down newspaper is smart move…

2015-11-14 16.56.08

Fifth, take the bike chain and separate the right length so you can use it to fasten the handlebar to the wood plaque. Normally you would need a bike tool that removes links, but if you’re like me then you don’t own one. Instead, you can use this method:

Once you have the right length for your bike chain, take your screws and fasten the handlebar to the wooden plaque. You can use an electric drill or screw it in by hand, but make sure to go slow so you don’t crack the wood. Make the chain as tight as possible. It may shift slightly, but with the handlebar fastened at two separate ends it should hold fast.

2015-12-25 16.04.31

Last, nail the sawtooth hangers onto the back of the plaque. I used two for better stability.

2015-12-25 16.03.58
2015-12-25 16.04.06


And tada! You’re finished!



bicycle handlebar

Optional: We added an extra hook for more storage possibilities. 

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